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Saturday, November 15, 2014

General Meeting at the Vicksburg Convention Center

The General Meeting was called to order at 3:07 pm  by 2014 NRC President Joe Broyles. He invited everyone to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance. He requested a moment of silence in the memory of all those friends we lost in the past year, including our canine "best friends."
NRC President, Joe Broyles

David Opseth, NRC Secretary/Treasurer, came to the podium for a roll call of the club delegates present. He found there was a quorum. The minutes from the 2013 NRC meeting were approved. Thanks were given to the member clubs who made contributions to the Workers' Party. 

NRC Sec'y/Treasurer, David Opseth

Next, Paul Sletten, PRTA President came to the podium to announce that they voted to give all six applicants a land grant this year. They are as follows:

1. Saskatoon RC
2. San Jose RC
3. Cooper River RC
4. Montgomery RC
5. Madison RC
6. Mission Valley RC

Our Judges Bill Goldstein, Gary Ahlgren and Alan Madsen

John Russell and John Parrott
Next Gwen Jones, the Corporate Sponsor Liaison, gave the Corporate Sponsor report. She asked everyone to be appreciative our Sponsors and to personally take the time to thank each one of them. The Representaives were as follows:
1. Purina Petcare – Dean Reinke, Mike Witt and Jerry Cacchio
2. Avery Sporting Dog – David Carrington
3. Garmin/Tri-Tronics – Mike Witt
4. Dogtra – Tellus Calhoun
5. Kent Cartridge – no representative, but they provided all the ammunition for the gunners

We have a new friend this year, a start-up company … we would like to welcome Eddie Dunford and Sam Adams of WetMutt to our fold.

Gwen Jones, Corporate Sponsor Liaison
Mitch Patterson, 2014 NRC Chairman, presented the painting of the 2013 winner. He introduced and thanked Mark and Suzanne Medford for being the Sponsor of this painting by Chris Chantland. The painting was presented to Danny Farmer as the winner of the 2013 event with NFC Trumarc's Dot Come, "Dottie."

Mitch Patterson, FT Chairman
Suzanne and Mark Medford
Suzanne and Mark Medford present the painting to Danny Farmer
Danny Farmer and "Dottie"
NFC Trumarc's Dot Come, "Dottie"

David Carrington of Avery Sporting Dog
Dean Reinke of Purina
It was then announced by Gary Zellner that the 2015 NRC will be held in Corning, California at the Clear Creek Sports Club with headquarters at the Rolling Hills Casino. The dates for the event are to be November 8-14, 2015. The Chairman will be Bill Kolstad and the Co-Chair will be Julie Cole. The Judges for next year's event will be Randy Whittaker, Eastern Time Zone; Laura Parrott, Central Time Zone and Wayne Bleazzard; Mountain Time Zone.

Next we had the drawing for the starting number for the 2014 event. Mark Medford and David Carrington, scattered bumpers numbered from one through ninety-eight on the floor. Linda Patterson ran "Rachel" (JJ's Rachel, a female Chessie) and she selected the lucky "bumper" – dog # 38, FC Hyfly'n Turbo Jet, "Turbo." 

Mark Medford and David Carrington spread out the bumpers …


Ray Voigt with luck Number 38!

An introduction was made for the new Official Photographer, Mark and Shannon Atwater of UpClose Photo.

Mark Atwater, UpClose Photo at work!
After that, Loren Morehouse, Chief Marshal, took the podium. He announced that the rotation would be 38 – 62 – 87 – 13. The first series will be a double and a blind with rooster pheasants for all three birds. The handlers were instructed that there will be three holding blinds, leading to the line that are to be filled at all times. The Judges announced that the handler is to be on the mat for all marks and the dog should be on the mat for all blinds. The protocol for no-birds was reiterated: go back six, run seventh on the first one; second, go back six, run seventh; third one, you go to the end of the running order.

The Test Dogs were announced as follows:
FC-AFC Ace On The River III "Ace," LM– Handler, Peter Ketola
FC-AFC Mitimat You Go Girl "Diva," LF – Handler, Tim Thompson

Test Dogs will be running at 6:30, with the first official running dog, #38, at 7:00 am.

It was announced at the last minute, that due to the expected heavy rain, that we would have gun changes every 20 dogs.

The Bitch Check.


2014 NRC
Running Order

1. FC Atlastastar, “Rinny”, LF, Scott Harp
2. AFC McKinley First Ascender-Hudson, “Hudson”, LM, Wayne Curtis
3. FC Rolling Thunder X1X, “Thor”, LM, Danny Farmer
4. FC-AFC Aksarben’s Black Skyy, “Skyy”, LM, Rob Erhardt
5. FC-AFC Texaco’s High Tesse, “Star”, LF, Alex Abraham
6. FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise ‘N Fall MH, “Tide”, LM, Madelyn Yelton
7. FC-AFC The Bear XVII, “Yogi”, LM, Ty Rorem
8. FC In The Hunts Blazing Saddles, “Blaze”, LM, Gary Unger
9. FC Salty Paws Hammerin Hank, “Henry”, LM, Tim Milligan
10. FC Tucker Copy Of Carbon, “Tucker”, LM, Bill Eckett
11. FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton’s Saber, “Saber”, LM, Chris Hatch
12. FC-AFC Watermark’s The Black Pearl, “Freedom”, LF, Luann Pleasant
13. FC Sundog’s Maximum Pursuit, “Max”, LM, John Henninger
14. FC Madison Hadagun, “Madison”, LF, Bill Sargenti
15. FC-AFC Oakdale Whitewater Devil Dog, “Bam”, LF, Sarah Love
16. FC-AFC Ragin Eye Of The Storm***, “Cane”, LM, Alan Pleasant
17. FC Forry’s Charmed One, “Piper”, LF, Ed Forry
18. NTK’s Rock Me On The Water, “Jackson”, LM, Chris Ledford
19. FC-AFC Mitimat Rock Paper Scissors, “Rocky”, LM, Ray Voigt
20. FC-AFC Ride Sally Ride III, “Sally”, LF, Jay Chesshir
21. FC Hawkeye’s Duke, “Duke”, LM, Mark Edwards
22. FC-AFC Chopper’s Rx to Win, “Windy”, LF, Bob Crabb
23. FC-AFC Hoot N Holler, “Hoot”, LM, Mark Medford
24. FC-AFC Valtor’s Hayseed Kid, “Kid”, LM, Breck Howard
25. FC Drake’s Bay Parting Of The Sea, “Moses”, LM, Wayne Curtis
26. NFC Trumarc’s Dot Come, “Dottie”, LF, Danny Farmer
27. FC Rock River Benjamin, “Ben”, LM, Bill Eckett
28. Manny B Manny, “Manny”, LM, Jerry Patopea
29. NFC-AFC Seaside’s Pelican Pete, “Pete”, LM, Steve Yozamp
30. NAFC-FC Dottie Ray’s Ivy League, “Ivy”, LF, Andy Kahn
31. FC Magic Tricks Autumn Creek Tazz, “Tazz”, LM, Paul Sletten
32. FC Tremblin Earth’s Cosmic Rider, “Tex”, LM, Al Arthur
33. FC CK’s Spike, “Spike”, LM, Alan Pleasant
34. FC Millforge On A Roll, “Lucky”, LM, Bill Sargenti
35. FC Beaverdam’s Mister Earl, “Speedo”, LM, Rick Roberts
36. FC-AFC Great Bunns of Fire, “Jerry Lee”, LF, Lynne DuBose
37. FC-AFC Stellar’s Full Throttle MH, “Mildred”, LF, Dave Rorem
38. FC Hyfl’n Turbo Jet, “Turbo”, LM, Ray Voigt
39. NAFC-FC Texas Troubador, “Tubb”, LM, Martha Russell
40. FC-AFC Windy City’s Mighty Mouse, “Mickey”, LM, Charlie Hines
41. Candlewoods He Hula Wahine, “Hula”, LF, Don Bovers
42. FC Magic Trick’s Zuma, “Zuma”, LM, Bill Eckett
43. FC Baypoint’s Westminster Abbey, “Abbey”, LF, Kenny Trott
44. FC Sorol’s Green River Indian Scout, “Carson”, LM, Rob Erhardt
45. FC Sweetie’s Easy Rider, “Ford”, LM, Jim Gonia
46. FC Tuck N Roll II, “Tucker”, LM, John Henninger
47. FC-AFC KPR’s Wet Willie, “Willie”, LM, Jim Pickering
48. FC Road Warriors Dieter Brock, “Deets”, LM, Ty Rorem
49. FC Ashland’s Annabella, “Bella”, LF, Alan Pleasant
50. FC Maple Creek’s Spirit Warrior, “Levi”, LM, Wayne Curtis
51. FC-AFC Hilltop’s High Society, “Gracie”, LF, Danny Farmer
52. FC-AFC Indian Height’s Get Away, “George”, LM, Carl Ruffalo
53. FC-AFC-CNFC-CNAFC Nightwings Marsh Leader, “Guide”, LM, Bill Sargenti
54. FC-AFC Candlewoods Skyrocket, “Sky”, LF, Chris Ledford
55. FC SK’s Dirty Little Secret, “Vegas”, LF, Elizabeth Dixon
56. FC Jumpin’ Joan Flash, “Joanie”, LF, Tim Milligan
57. FC-AFC Hardscrabble Roxie McBunn, “Roxie”, LF, Ray Voigt
58. FC-AFC Dominators High Spade, “Ace”, LM, Scott Harp
59. FC 3RS’s Carbon Calie, “Calie”, LF, Bill Eckett
60. FC Whitewater Missys Rockin Franchise, “Rocki”, LF, Daryl Kellum
61. FC Utopian Sixteen Hands, “Hunter”, LM, Jerry Patopea
62. FC-AFC Un Petit Peu Canaille, “Canaille”, LF, F. Lee Jolley
63. FC-AFC Candlewoods Life Is A Highway, “Freeway”, LM, John Stracka / Paul Sletten
64. FC-AFC, Dottie Ray’s Blue 4 You, “Blue”, LM, John Henninger
65. Delpond’s Pretty in Pink, “Bella”, LF, Alan Pleasant
66. Seaside’s Rogue Warrior, “Shooter”, LM, Al Arthur
67. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready to Rumble, “Ali”, LM, Ryan Brasseaux
68. FC Swift Rivers No Problems, “Kenny”, LM, Ed Forry
69. FC Moodys Jumpin Jack Flash, “Jack”, LM, Charlie Moody
70. FC Baypoint’s Shades of Bleu, “Magic”, LM, Jim Gonia
71. FC Beadle’s Turbo Nina, “Nina”, LF, Dave Rorem
72. AFC Watermark’s Miss Kali Hart, “Kaylee”, LF, Bill Sargenti
73. FC-AFC-CAFC Jaybar American Idol, “Reuben”, LM, Barbara Younglove
74. FC-AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy “T”, “Mully”, LM, Wayne Curtis
75. FC-AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise, “Holland”, LM, Danny Farmer
76. FC Magic’s Quinn, “Quinn”, LM, Bill Eckett
77. FC-AFC Lubys and Whitewaters Pirate’s Jewel, “Jewel”, LF, Ray Voigt
78. FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH, Flatlands Locked N Loaded, “Ready”, LM, Connie Swanson
79. FC Crow Rivers Lucky To The Max, “Lucky”, LM, Steve Yozamp
80. FC-AFC Coolwater’s Knockout, “Punch”, LM, Alex Washburn
81. FC-AFC, Bayou-Star Beyond Independent, “Tia”, LF, Suzan Caire
82. FC Hunting Creek Classy Girl, “Classy”, LF, Alan Pleasant
83. FC-AFC, Tru’s Little Cruiser, “Cruise”, LM, John Henninger
84. FC-AFC-CNAFC-CFC Upon The Wings Of An Answered Prayer, “Ammo”, LF, Bill Petrovish
85. FC-AFC Hockley Creek’s Big Hitter, “Manny”, LM, Robby Bickley
86. FC Bluegoose’s Passion for Jazz, “Louie”, LM, Chris Ledford
87. Lone Willows Sure Shot II, “Shooter”, LM, Jim Beck
88. FC-AFC Keeno’s Gizmo, “Gizmo”, LM, Bruce Hall
89. FC-AFC Trulines Walla Walla Sweet, “Pink”, LF, Mark Medford
90. FC-AFC Aran Island’s Finnegan, “Finnegan”, LM, Pat Martin
91. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns, “Pow”, LM, Al Arthur
92. FC Catalina’s Outlaw, “Josie”, LF, Bill Eckett
93. FC Adams Acres Water Lilly, “Lilly”, LF, Bill Sargenti
94. FC AFC, Dottie Ray’s League Of Her Own, “Dottie”, LF, Andy Kahn
95. FC Arctic Riverrun M’Lady, “Maddi”, LF, Mark Thomas
96. FC AFC, Mercy Mercy Mercy Me, “Mercy”, LF, John Stracka / Paul Sletten
97. FC Paddle Creek’s Carbon Grade, “Coal”, LM, Ray Voigt
98. FC-AFC Robbers’ Stray Bullet, “Bullet”, LM, Alan Pleasant